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WH Video Releases / sudo kill PtRvY [Best of '11-'14]
« on: December 26, 2014, 02:25:37 PM »
GTAStunting:~ sudo kill PtRvY
Best of vol.2 (2011 - 2014)

So here we are. I've probably bored everyone way too much already about dropping stunting, but well, this time it's for real - I do not have a platform to stunt on (might come back on V but it's a big 'might' at the moment).

I never truly ruled out a comeback after Memento, but it never really happened, so here is a video for those of you who actually liked my stuff released in the later years, and for myself - to give me some kind of closure and recollect some of the cooler stunts I landed since MBDTF, with an atmosphere that I enjoy (thanks D4rksh4doW, you've made a dream come true really).

Nothing more to say really - except that the opener has been originally landed in a much better way, but I lost the rep and had to reland it (check out DV - Mantra if you want to see the original - the exact location of the stunt can be found at

More links coming soon.

Have fun.

WH Video Releases / WHatever's on my mind
« on: April 09, 2014, 07:19:31 PM »
Quote from: Daksad
good luck with whatever is on your mind :)

Hello, I present you an (unofficial) SA best of Wasteland Heroes. I basically asked my WH fellows to provide a stunt each, that they considered to be most memorable, and I did my best to put it together with the little rusty skill that I had left. Thanks everybody who replied.

Consider it my token of appreciation for the amazing three years I spent in WH. It's not the end of the road with respect to releases for me just yet, but it is fast approaching.

Stunts provided by:
Balsam, BlackTear, Burn, Daffy, Daksad, Diaz, FloW, Gaz, Grescha, KillaMarci, Kukiel, lilj, Makrame, Nem, Odd, Plani, Prog, PtRvY, Sear, Stevex, Streem, Taz and UndeadX.

Edited by me.

Soundtrack: Zedd feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant - Find You

1080p download:



WH Video Releases / Wasteland Heroes - Supreme [24h]
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:54:50 AM »
Hello everybody. I don't want to write much here, just wanna thank my WH mates for helping me out with my idea of making one more 24h collab. Vacations had me a little too bored and there were some tracks I wanted to edit on (it didn't turn out too well because I had to do it in a very short time frame), so that's what first made me organize this. I hope you will enjoy it!
There was also supposed to be an intro, which I still think is a good idea, and if I ever organize another video I'll try to incorporate it. It was supposed to feature Shadowsniper's player (for reasons not to be disclosed yet), and for that reason I also asked him to contribute with a guest stunt. Even though there was no intro in the end due to time constraints, I hope that he doesn't mind me using his stunt anyway.

Happy new year from Wasteland Heroes!

720p download:



Guest stunter:


Muse - Supremacy
Madeon - The City

Blog / Memento
« on: September 24, 2012, 01:34:39 AM »
In case you haven't noticed already, my last SA collaboration with a vast amount of stunters (73) has been released a few days ago. It is one of the largest GTAS releases ever in terms of length (23 minutes) and contains some rather sweet stunts combined with good edits. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the picture below!

This will also be my last blog post. Take care GTAS!

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Memento
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:32:52 PM »
Memento. To be remembered.

Premise - Inspiration - Kitsch - Phlegm - Mystery - End - Redemption

Hello. I'm hereby presenting a 'semi-anonymous' San Andreas collaboration I have organized over the past two months. It is my last project, editing, stunting, scripting and organization wise. I have been moved to the retired roster in WH, inactive roster in BT, and given up my moderator position. I will not be visiting the forums much in the following times, but I will be dropping by every now and then.
Kind of similarly to my best of's topic, I am going to give a longer description below of the video's development. For those who do not want to read it, or have no time now, the links and basic description are right under this paragraph. I'd just like to thank every single person who has contributed to this project in any way, and also everyone who has supported me in the past 4.5 years. Thanks everybody!
[Bart], 0versizeD, Anoobis, Arnax, Artifex, Balsam, Burn, Caio, Cloudwalker, Cookie, Corevil, Darkstar, Determined, Diaz, Dundee, Edga, FloW, Franco, FTO, Genyus, Ghost, Grescha, hiddeN, iCy, Izzeee, Jeff, JustCaus3, KasT, Killerstunter, krs, Ktulu, lilj, luli, MaCi, MtS, Mugetsu, MxZ, Nauthiluz, Noah, NuclearDeath, Ode, plak, Plani, Promagic, PrzemOO, PtRvY, Rainbow, Requiem, Reynolds, Roach, Rusch69, RyDeR, Salyn, Scavenger, ScreaM, Sear, Shadowsniper, Sheeptea, Sheikah, SkilZ, Smut, Squeak, Streem, Syny, tomiBoy, Tracker, TurBo, Ulltra, UndeadX, vmx, XtremeOmega, Zangetsu and ZeRo.
D4rksh4doW, PtRvY, Tracker, SentitneS, Beat and draguN.

Full Review Template:
Code: [Select]
Full review of Memento
made by <your name>
[b]Chapter 0 - The Premise[/b]

Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 1 - The Inspiration[/b]
FloW (03:36 - 03:49)
Determined (03:49 - 04:03)
NuclearDeath (04:03 - 04:17)
FTO (04:17 - 04:31)
Ghost (04:33 - 04:54)
Arnax (04:55 - 05:04)
Plani (05:05 - 05:21)
Zangetsu (05:22 - 05:41)
Corevil (05:45 - 05:53)
Killerstunter (05:53 - 06:06)
Sheikah (06:06 - 06:13)
Burn (06:13 - 06:22)
Reynolds (06:22 - 06:28)
iCy (06:28 - 06:47)
Grescha (06:47 - 07:17)


Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 2 - The Kitsch[/b]
Balsam (07:25 - 07:41)
Darkstar (07:41 - 07:51)
Izzeee (07:52 - 08:07)
Caio (08:08 - 08:25)
Nauthiluz (08:25 - 08:52)
Diaz (08:53 - 09:12)
Noah (09:12 - 09:26)
Salyn (09:26 - 09:37)
Jeff (09:37 - 09:59)
ScreaM (09:59 - 10:13)
Squeak (10:13 - 10:35)
UndeadX (10:35 - 10:49)
XtremeOmega (10:49 - 11:05)
MxZ (11:06 - 11:23)


Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 3 - The Phlegm[/b]
Ktulu (11:39 - 11:52)
MaCi (11:53 - 12:07)
tomiBoy (12:08 - 12:16)
Promagic (12:17 - 12:27)
ZeRo (12:28 - 12:44)
Dundee (12:45 - 12:59)
Smut (13:04 - 13:11)
vmx (13:12 - 13:18)
Roach (13:18 - 13:23)
TurBo (13:23 - 13:35)
Ode (13:35 - 13:41)
Requiem (13:42 - 13:49)
plak (13:50 - 14:00)
Edga (14:00 - 14:11)
RyDeR (14:11 - 14:22)


Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 4 - The Mystery[/b]
[Bart] (14:33 - 14:42)
MtS (14:42 - 14:49)
Artifex (14:51 - 14:58)
Cookie (14:59 - 15:05)
Ulltra (15:06 - 15:14)
SkilZ (15:15 - 15:23)
Scavenger (15:24 - 15:31)
PtRvY (15:32 - 15:43)
Mugetsu (15:43 - 15:51)
JustCaus3 (15:52 - 15:58)
krs (15:58 - 16:08)
hiddeN (16:09 - 16:16)
Rusch69 (16:17 - 16:29)
PrzemOO (16:30 - 16:38)


Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 5 - The End[/b]
Anoobis (17:06 - 17:37)
Streem (17:38 - 17:52)
Genyus (17:53 - 18:04)
Cloudwalker (18:04 - 18:22)
0versizeD (18:23 - 18:35)
Sear (18:36 - 18:48)
luli (18:48 - 19:07)
Sheeptea (19:08 - 19:14)
lilj (19:14 - 19:26)
Franco (19:27 - 19:37)
Syny (19:38 - 19:47)
Tracker (19:47 - 20:01)
Rainbow (20:02 - 20:11)
KasT (20:11 - 20:27)
Shadowsniper (20:28 - 20:59)


Overall rating: ?/10
[b]Chapter 6 - The Redemption[/b]

Overall rating: ?/10
Overall: ?/10

HQ .wmv 720p ~ 960 MB
MQ .wmv 480p ~ 480 MB

Ever since Radioaktive released his interesting SA replay modification tutorial, I've had plans of making an anonymous collaboration. I have tried to put through such plans in both DV and WH, but it was met with minimal following. But you could say that I knew that "this" video would happen as early as 2010. I've always had plans of releasing some kind of video when I retire. But of course, originally it was supposed to be a solo. Even as I released my final best of, I seriously thought about making a solo, but soon after it became obvious that it's not going to happen. My stunting pace dropped massively after that video, and it was impossible to gather good enough stunts. After some thought I decided that an anonymous collab would be the 2nd best thing. Then I gathered a lot of stunters, and here we are.
Chapter 0 - The Premise (Transformation)
When I first started planning this project's intro, I had no idea that this would become my biggest scripting project to date. I guess that it was mostly due to the fact that my original (simple) idea was impossible to do without a certain patch, which I was unable to locate. So in lack of a better idea I completely recreated the scripts' concept, and I have to say I like this idea much better than the original one. It is much more elaborate (with 8 separate scenes and loads of timing work put into some movements) and took me about 10 hours of work to complete. It wasn't only a scripting project, due to my great wish to make it Silent Hill 2 themed I also had to create a new timecyc from scratch and re-skin the entire strip club (interior + exterior) using original Heaven's Night textures from SH2. The result is in my opinion a very good atmosphere which should immerse the viewer and provide a little backstory on how exactly do you have 73 stunters looking exactly like me (lol). Beat makes a cameo appearance as the Arcane wizard once again, Labiloute appears as a TV spokesperson (a little homage to the fact he pretty much taught me everything about scripting), and I finally got to use the awesome BT helicopter which Haywire made for me over a year ago. All in all, a great combination for me, and of course D4rksh4dow has done an awesome job editing it to the soundtrack I picked.

Chapter 1 - The Inspiration
This chapter is my final editing project in GTA. I have to say that I like what I pulled off, although there were some sloppy areas. I decided to use a soundtrack from BT's latest album, because, well, from the moment I heard it I knew that it'd make a great stunt video soundtrack. And there's some symbolism behind it as well: I got into BT using a track from BT, it's kind of fitting to have my last GTA editing using a track from BT as well. I originally called this chapter "The Inspiration" because I wanted to dedicate it to THEFTman and his "The Art of Stunting" video, which served as a great original inspiration for this video, but the more I edited the more of the style I borrowed from other good editors in the past, so this part is dedicated to every single editor who inspired me in some point of my editing career.

Chapter 2 - The Kitsch
This chapter was the most turbulent one in terms of editor choice. It was originally supposed to be edited by MxZ, but due to computer trouble I handed his part to D4rksh4doW. However, DS couldn't complete both it and the intro, so in the end I gave it to Tracker. He did a pretty nice job in two days' time. The theme of this chapter was the editing to those classic DnB tracks trend which started in 2008 with the release of Wergild, and remained vital on the scene pretty much until Dubstep became a popular sound to use around here. I'm proud to be one of the earliest editors of this wave, way before it became a "kitsch", as this part's name implies, so I had to include a part with a suitable soundtrack. And of course, what better soundtrack to pick than State of Mind, with their own mix of a track I used in my perhaps most memorable video of this wave, SMBU 2.

Chapter 3 - The Phlegm
This chapter is a little more of a reference to my own personality, rather than a particular editing style. Phlegmatic people are generally emotionally disconnected, and calm. To represent this mood I have mixed three tracks myself, or to be precise, I mixed two tracks and overlayed the theme over the mix. The result was a track which I really enjoyed listening to, and SentitneS gave it a great dose of his own style, so all in all, I really like this part. Hopefully you will too.

Chapter 4 - The Mystery
With most (if not all) the soundtrack being electronic oriented, I felt I had to take something a little more rock-oriented (and I have edited to a lot of those kinds of tracks myself in the past). So I went for 30 Seconds to Mars, I really really dig their music and this particular track I picked is my most favourite from them. This is the only part I didn't choose the name for, because I really had no ideas. I picked Beat for the job, and he suggested "The Mystery", which was kinda reminiscent of the old Extravaganza trailer (Enter the Mysterious world of BeaT), so I went for it. And he really imported his own touch into the song, with parts clearly inspired by his latest collab UV+, as well as a few additional glitchy effects added to the song. This should keep you entertained as it's not your every day editing, and it also contains one of the best CCs I have ever seen in SA. Oh yeah, it also contains my last landed stunt. Landed specifically for this vid, execution could be better but what the heck, I was trying that for over 2 years.

Chapter 5 - The End
For the final chapter I have decided to pick draguN, and he did a really excellent job. The soundtrack was decided, well, even before the video started to be organized. I just knew I had to use this Celldweller's track someday, and the release of the new mix of it in Klayton's latest SVH album gave me a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a neat sounding mix of my own. And draguN did a great job with some really nice camera angles and a vast amount of animations, surprises and similar. Be sure to notice as many details as you can. And of course enjoy the last chapter, alongside with the finisher, which is truly one of the most amazing cabbie stunts I ever seen.

Chapter 6 - The Redemption
I originally wanted a far more elaborate and story-driven outro, but time constraints and lack of will have reduced it to a fairly simple credits roll with some stills from the video shown in backwards order. Enjoy it anyways!

That's about all I had to say I guess. Enjoy the video and leave a comment!

Blog / The Aventador Redemption
« on: September 01, 2012, 12:09:27 PM »
Another great masterpiece from the powerhouse we know as Beat.

Click the image for the topic.

The spiritual sequel to The Lamborghini Reventón (Best Themed Video 2011).

Blog / GTAStunting 2012 VC/LC/SAiVC Community Video - Sign Up!
« on: September 01, 2012, 06:36:44 AM »
Eight months after the previous Vice City engine community video attempt by Turtle Boy had failed, Dimension has been given permission to organize a new one. Sign up by following the link below.

Short Videos/Editing Tests / Welcome To San Andreas!
« on: August 27, 2012, 02:56:52 PM »

Well in case you were wondering what was that cute thing that hovered in mine and Lucas' sigs, wonder no more!

Here we officially unveil our entry for Celldweller's "First Person Shooter" Gaming Video contest. I can certainly say it was a pain to edit to this track for me, since I personally consider it one of the worst Celldweller songs (still a rather great one though). However that still didn't stop me from getting some cute ideas which I hope you'll like. :> MxZ also joined up showing off his insane style in the second part of the video, and draguN cooked up a really epic looking intro (from which that great screenshot for the banner is in the first place). Really, a lot of thanks to them. Also thanks to Beat for his massive help with the CCs and teaser and D4rksh4doW for scripting help. Also, one part of my entry is dedicated to SentitneS (it shouldn't be hard to notice which  :wub: ).

We hope that you'll support us by viewing, liking and sharing our entry on the FiXT Music channel. It would really help us out so thanks in advance! If you wanna take it a step further, you can download the teaser from THIS link:
and upload it to your channel, linking to the main entry. Of course this would also be highly appreciated although it's not obligatory in any way. Thanks in advance to all of you and I hope you will enjoy!

Enough rambling, some info:

Daffy, Eddeman, Grescha, Ktulu, MxZ, PrzemOO, PtRvY, Taz, vmx

draguN, PtRvY & MxZ

Celldweller - First Person Shooter

Watch & Like here:
Entry #61 (draguN, PtRvY, MxZ) "First Person Shooter" Gaming Video Contest

Download here:

EDIT: We have been chosen as one of the 10 finalists! You guys are amazing, thank you for all your support. If you want to continue on supporting us in the finals, please vote for us using one of these two links (I believe you have to like the contest app before being able to vote):

Blog / SASL 5 Video - Rounds 1 & 2
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:56:07 AM »
The complete video of the fifth San Andreas Stunting League organized last year will unfortunately not be completed. However, you can still be somewhat satisfied, as the entire first and second round has been preserved in over 17 minutes of oldschool-edited footage by Cloudwalker.

Click to watch it!

Community Videos / SASL 5 Video - Rounds 1 & 2
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:52:36 AM »
The complete first and second round of the fifth san andreas stunting league. The full video will not be completed. However, if someone wants to complete it, pm me. I still have all the GFX work and the reps.

Edited by Cloudwalker. Official SASL5 NRG-500 by Roach.

Stunters: [Bart], 3rnEy, Alibi, ArisT, Arnax, Art, Artifex, Bany, BioclocK, Cocaine, DanielO, DaredevilX, Diaz, Disciplo, DriZzly, Electric, exLective, ExPlosion, ExRer, Franco, Furious, Genyus, Gryzlek, iAndy, Intensee, Jackob, JustCaus3, Kartun, KasT, Kykinson, LaW, Mike, MtS, Mugetsu, mxz, Nauthiluz, NOAHofDEATH, Nykk, OutLaaw, Plani, Promagic, PrzemOO, Rainbow, Reynolds, Rusch69, Savatage, Sear, Smut, Souther, Squeak, Stuffy, SubliminaL, Supposed2, Tayaroki, TurBo, Turtle Boy, Unborn, UndeadX, vmx, VTX, White, ZeRo.

Globus - Take Me Away
Destrophy - We Are Alive
Stratovarius - No Turning Back
Fit For Rivals - Crash
Level - Unstable

DropBox MQ

SASL5 Rounds 1 & 2

Hope you'll enjoy :P

KS Chat & News / Congratulations!
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:04:34 AM »
On behalf of the entire staff, I congratulate you for making the network.

Hopefully your activity level is going to stay high  :cc_detective:

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / [AC]Skywriter
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:53:43 PM »

I present to you the long-awaited sequel to the "aNDerius" AC collab of 2011. It is this time organized by me solely.

I was rather surprised when aNDerius got the good feedback it did, so I decided that I should definitely continue the series someday. And in January I have started to gather stunts. Unfortunately I was once again set back a lot, having many problems ranging from hard disk space to render/upload issues. However I finally fought through all of that and I present you the final product. I have tried to keep the editing clean again with effects being relatively scarce throughout the vid, and I hope it will be enjoyable for you overall.

Shoutouts go out to Beat for making the awesome banner, D4rksh4doW for his guest part, Rusch69 for helping out a lot with the timecyc & CC used, and Shadowsniper for beta watching.

I once again apologize, as last time, to all participants for making them wait so long.

Nothing more to say, sit back & try to enjoy! :)


PtRvY (feat. D4rksh4doW)

SebastiAn - Yes
Phonat - Set Me Free
Nero - Guilt
DatA - Skywriter

Map mod:

1080p .wmv 8M XQ DropBox
720p .wmv 6M HQ DropBox

YouTube (Blocked in Germany):
Skywriter 720p


SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Best of krs
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:42:29 PM »
The date when krystian sent me the reps: 24.6.2011.

I'm sorry krystian, I hope you will still be able to enjoy this! :) I edited the last part in a rush so I apologize for the lamish editing there, just wanted to get those recordings out of my folder at last.

Special thanks to TheGT4sm and much love to krystian, enjoy his stunts guys <3

DL link: not sure if it's coming :P

YouTube - Best of krs

SA Chat & Support / Second Illest
« on: April 02, 2012, 06:52:35 AM »
I feel the first part got enough recognition, so as promised, here is a sequel being organized.

Now that you know what to expect from the video, let's step it up.

You get a longer deadline and the criteria will be slightly stricter than last time.  :ajaja:

Editors: PtRvY, Tracker, Ulltra

Deadline: 3rd May


Sign up and let's make another good video! :)

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Illest - Out Now!
« on: March 12, 2012, 12:28:04 PM »
More info later. If you guys like it enough I'll definitely organize a sequel :D

Editors: Tracker & Ulltra (guest part: 04:57-06:00)


Jay-Z & Kanye West - Murder to Excellence
Jay-Z & Kanye West - Primetime
Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis (feat. Otis Redding)
Jay-Z & Kanye West - Made In America (feat. Frank Ocean)



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