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SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Art - small stunting
« on: October 06, 2018, 12:45:02 PM »
raw cut small stunting vol. 1 brought to you by art&warow
hope you enjoy

Community Council / ffs
« on: March 04, 2018, 05:05:59 AM »
stop deleting my shoutbox messages  :angry:

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / CHEESE
« on: December 26, 2017, 12:50:46 PM »

« on: March 28, 2017, 11:22:39 AM »
yo i guess you already heard about that glitch

it basically makes your nrg do super sick shit, the handling seems a lot friendlier for getting easy air from slopes and stuff, some of us already did some good stunts with this, lets do a collab then

setting this bike up is actually pretty easy, download cleo mod for changing missions (link, press ctrl + m -> san fierro -> cesar missions -> 2x arrow down and you just do it like in that video above, don't use dannye's car remember on that bike tho cause it'll change it back to normal

deadline: 15/05
editing: i can do this i think

-art [6]
-chiler [2]
-pm [1]
-ars [1]

send replays to me via private messages here

also anyone who lands this: will get a special spot in the video (shows how crazy is the glitch)

Meet The Stunter / Meet the Stunter - MeetMyMeat - Question Round.
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:43:29 AM »
Here you can ask question to MeetMyMeat. Ask away!

i hope this one will be interesting

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Symmetry - remake
« on: September 22, 2013, 07:16:37 AM »
Hello there, i present you a short video i made while i was bored, remake of 2009 FTO&FloW time limited duo, Symmetry. I made these stunts in 1h timeframe as it was in original video
(it took me 3 tries to get into that timelimit  :euro:). I edited this video using same soundtrack as it was before. Hope you will enjoy.

Symmetry - remake

Original: [noembed][/noembed]

Meet The Stunter / MTS - JaiK - Question Round
« on: September 12, 2013, 09:09:33 AM »
Gerben picked Jaik for next MTS interview. Ask away!

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Week 1 at Art's Place
« on: August 31, 2013, 04:12:51 PM »
Week 1 at Art's

We landed those stunts this week at my server ( - password: artsplace)
Tracker was the worst, although he landed that outro stunt lotta times after that  :jajaja:

SA Chat & Support / Art's SAMP stunting server
« on: August 27, 2013, 11:10:15 AM »
Hello guys i just made a stunting server

HostName: [0.3x] Art's place.
Players:  0 / 15
Ping:     10
Mode:     Stunting
Map:      San Andreas
Password: artsplace

This server is running on PKS Stunting gamemode customized for 0.3x version, it has various functions that PSA misses (turnable god-mode, farming, /gren for grenade boosting etc). I've got some old-school stunting maps and stuff.

- Don't be annoying
- Don't use that spin cleo script, or you will be permabanned
- Speak english or polish. (preferably english)

most useful commands
/menu - you can spawn vehicles there, teleport to places (including lc wow), change your account settings (like god-mode etc)
/s 1 - /s 20 - to save positions
/l 1 - /l 20 - to load positions
/veh name - to spawn vehicles
/spawn name - to veh vehicles
/carcol - to change your vehicles color, you can get 2 colors at once (in NRG, sandking, bullet and such)
/q - for 500 points
/regme - to register your account, without being registered you cannot use some commands, like /spec
/spec - to spectate someone
/staff - to check admins that are online at the moment
/f - flip
/offset - moves you by X Y Z values

There are also plenty of GTA SA cheats working, just type in chat:
rocketman - to get jetpack
lxgiwyl - for weapons
hesoyam - for health and money
jumpjet, kgggdkp, monstermash etc - to get vehicles
no slowitdown though :P

(work in progress)

Meet The Stunter / [MTS] Reynolds
« on: August 13, 2013, 05:10:50 AM »
Meet The Stunter - Reynolds

How does it feel to be a real human being? (Sava)

Why are you so awesome? (Sava)
I am awesome because I am myself and I truly believe in myself!

How did you become so awesome? (Sava)
Because I always believed in my self and was never untrue to myself! You can accomplish everything as long as you believe in your self! Stay Positive!

Why did you turned into a jerk after dv. died? (Sheeptea)
I have always been a jerk, at least in my own eyes. But it might seem I turned into a jerk when DV died because I didn't really care anymore after that and just started spewing the most inane shit on the forums

Why you watch so many movies? (Art)
I don't think I watch that many movies. My iMDB rating list currently contains 365 ratings and I
included lame ass Disney films too.

Whats your favorite stunt? (Art)
Boo's second double bump in WH - Ethereal. That's just aesthetically perfect

Whats your favorite stunt landed by Reynolds? (Art)
Probably the finisher of my WH audition( that I also
used as a guest stunt in Artifex' solo Exegesis( Shame I did a lame stoppie though but the spot is great.

Why you edited DV Mantra so badly? (Art)
I hate every video I edited, Mantra isn't an exception. I'm not much of a perfectionist and usually
Don't put enough effort in anything I do. Such a shame.

Are you in any way related to Baseline? (Davve)
We share the same peanut.

Who do you find to be the most inspiring stunter in the community (other than yourself)? (PK)
PrzemOO, has been a consistent stunter in all the years he has been stunting. Also Barney because he is a beast

For how long have you been in the stunting scene? (PK)
I started stunting in April of 2008

What are your thoughts after watching "Killing 3 Intro" by Rusch69? (PK)
A shame the video didn't get finished but oh well atleast everyone saw me in the intro. If you haven't check it out:

How do you think DV would've been if it was still alive till now? (PK)
I always envisioned DV to one day be right there at the top with TMS and ATS, but I guess that
would have never happened. Just like Stunting Society DV was XSAed. All the members that made the crew
great left and were replaced by less competent stunters turning the crew in some kind of twin with
a disability and horrendous behavior.

Do you have any videos in which you believe gave an impact to your career? (PK)
Everything Barney did

Thoughts on each of these crews: WH, SSU, DSS, TMS. (PK)
WH - used to be my favorite crew but as my tastes changed the image I have of this crew declined
SSU - A lot of ex crew mates of mine are in this crew I also hate the intros and soundtracks of their videos
DSS - Pretty cool crew, less cool crew members. I had a fun time when I was in it for the first two months.
TMS - Probably my favorite crew their videos are awesome and simple just how I like it.

Have you been into VC lately? If not, have you before? (PK)
No, yes:

How did you gain your reputation master best? (PK)
By being an asshole, nice guys always finish last.

Can you frontside flip? (Sorcery)
I can actually or could I'm not sure if I still can it has been quite a while since I last skated.

Would you love to see the SMBU trilogy to continue? (PK)

No, I was only in the first one so I couldn't care less

Do you believe you're better at landing stunts now or before (around 2008 to now)? (PK)
I'm not better now and wasn't back then. Just more dedicated

Your thoughts on the community (rate from 1-100)? (PK)


How many awards have you had? And if yes, what were they and which year? (PK)
None, I guess I indirectly one two awards for crew of the year for SS and DV. But they received these awards without help from me as I didn't land any stunt for them at the time.

Did you enjoy your time in SS? (sheikah)
Yes it was a cool time! Mainly because we were promoted to a network crew. Stunting wise it was a great time for me I landed some great stunts. I didn't really talk to anyone though.

What amount of hair gel do you use monthly? (Art)
A whole tube.

How are you? (Mugetsu)

Anything else you want to say to community?
Thanks everyone for providing hilarious questions! I didn't know an interview was about making up the most hilarious questions regardless of the answer. I took the liberty of not answering almost half of the questions and the questions regarding something along the lines of "what is your favorite x" or "x or y?" You guys should really try to make some interesting questions instead of trying to be funny.

Meet The Stunter / Meet The Stunter - Reynolds - Question Round
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:23:02 AM »
Ask away!

GTA Modding / island of dreams
« on: August 05, 2013, 11:46:10 AM »
hey there, could anyone reupload me island of dreams map for SA? its been used in KS Unthinkable crewvideo. thanks in advance

Meet The Stunter / Meet The Stunter - Question Round - Jubito
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:20:12 PM »
Ask questions in this topic you want Jubito to answer in next Meet The Stunter. Ask away!

Meet The Stunter / [MTS] Darkstar/Simon
« on: July 19, 2013, 04:20:41 PM »
Meet The Stunter - Simon

If you could choose between having your friends over VR being active again and joinning DP, or having your friends over DP joinning VR, which would be and why? And what about any other crews, are there any other people you'd like to be in a crew with?

What was the "golden era" of stunting for you? (XTO)

I don't really care who would join who, it would be the same people and that's what's important.
Xtramus and Hoff are two people I've loved to see stunt but never really spoken too much with, so it'd be interesting.

I'd say 2007 and 2008 because it was the time when I had the most fun, met new people and spent all of my days on skype with Kai and talked a shitload to Thomas on msn

What's your favourite Anime   ?
Which pet you like more ? cat or dog ?
What do you think about SA and VC's physic ? which one you like more ?
What's your favourite vids , stunters and editor  (ⓞutworld Destroyer)

I'd say Clannad After Story or Steins;Gate

Cats all the way.

I think the SA engine is a great way to get into the VC engine. Bumping and Grinding in SA is way more easy on the mind, as you don't bail or get stuck that often, in VC they can be a bit more exhausting. All in all they are pretty much the same, you still have to get that one good try to land the stunt. I'd say I like the VC physics more, because they feel so free, you can do so many things. Just compare the rotation record in each game to see what I mean.

My favorite vids are
VC - Always by Xtramus
SA - Underestimated by Bobsaget

VC - Barney, Red and MtS
SA - Turtle Dick, Mewka and Daffy


Why you left WH? SS? VR?
Why are you such a car machine in SA?
How do you feel after killing VC Roof Pwnage game again?
Best stunt in your opinion?
Best your stunt in your opinion?
Best stunt you ever done in SA in your opinion?
Why DP instead of second choice you had? (Art)

The reason I joined WH was because I was hoping to get more active in the SA scene, and when that didn't happen and I started missing my VR friends I just had to leave to get back. Also like 4 people in WH that talked to me.

The reason I left SS was because at the time, they were 95% polish, on a polish forum. I had to ask for people to talk english in our private section on the forum. As well as i started talking way more to a lot of people in ESU, so it just made sense to leave.

The reason I left VR, they were all pretty much inactive. It was not an easy choice, and I put it off for at least 2 months before finally deciding it was the thing to do. We are all still good friends though.

It's the only thing I can do, NRG stunts have reached a level where I won't even bother to try. And car stunts are just way more fun to do.


I'd say Barney's ramp 2 bump 2 roof in Monolith(2:28), that was so clever in so many ways I just can't understand how that was possible in his head.

Either the nat bump to antenna or an unreleased one.

Tough one, I think I'll have to say the packer 2 ramp 2 ledgegrind in Daybreak(1:55), just because when I landed that I was so pleased.

Because of Sheeptea.

How do you come up with your spot ideas?
Who were/are your biggest inspirations in stunting?
Which map is your favourite to stunt in? (ZeRo)

I usually find a roof I want to land a circle it for spots until something comes up. Other times I'm just trying something old or random and I get an idea out of that.

Barney, Red, Kert, Eddeman and Daffy

LC, because it's VC but with some elevation

When you're looking to stunt for a video, what is your method. IE, drive around and lurk at spots, cruise while stunting everything til something clicks, or jet pack like a mofo, or perhaps, know from watchin other vids. (Samurai)

pretty much answered this, but watching vids also helps yes yes.

What is the biggest differences between being in WH, DP and VR, which did you feel the most at home in and why? (Daffy)

WH was a big crew which seemed to have their own small crews inside of it, as I only spoke to like four or five people while I was in it. And that lack of communication with everyone in the crew made it feel kind of wrong, at least coming from VR where we were all close friends and all talked together everyday. And I haven't really been in DP long enough to judge to well, but all of them seem awesome. But not all of them have skype so it's always one on one conversation unless you count the private section. So that's a thing that would be fun to do, at least for me so I could get to know everyone outside of their stunting. VR used to be a lot of fun, msn convos all day and racing for spots, everything good in a crew. Right now though, it's dead. I'll talk to Cola or Red a few times here and there and rarely anyone else, unless there is something they want to ask. So I'd say, at this very moment, I feel more at home in DP than in VR.

Zoey or Rochelle?
Did the painkiller help?
Can you get Slim back to stunting?
What's your favorite drink?
Are you unhappy with any of the execution of your released stunts? (PrzemOO)


Why yes it did, and I played games all day :)

I've tried, and he's tried. I just don't think it's happening.

Really depends, if I'm eating, what I'm eating and whatnot. But I'll say Milk, because it's the shit.

One that come to mind is the bump 2 grind in Saga, because I got stuck at the end. It kind of took away the "oh shit how is he going to land this?" element.
Another one that come to mind is the Saga finisher, because I had a try right before which would have been so much smoother in my opinion.

Do you think you deserved your victory against Mythic in the VCSL? (Plani)

I didn't think I would win, nor do I think I deserved the victory in the match, but I think I deserved to win the league, if that makes any sense.

Your mother and your girlfriend have their minds swapped and the only way to switch them back is to have sex with one of them. So do you have sex with your mother who has your girlfriend's mind or have sex with your girlfriend who has your mom's mind?
How does this make you feel?
What is your favourite thing about Reynolds?
Why is ^ your favourite thing about Reynolds?
Would you have sex with Reynolds, if your family died otherwise? (Sava)

Depeneds where you want to go with this, how long do I have to fuck either of them? And how fast do they swap? as you didn't specify I'll just make my own rules. As long as you penetrate, it counts. And they get swapped right away. So, I'd fuck my mom in my girlfriends body while she was sleeping. Boom in, done swapped, girlfriend wakes up, all good. if other rules, do the same, except knock her out good first.

What is this?

His name.

Because that skater is boss.


Do you think that the comunity influenced your stunting style and how?
Who's your best buddy around here and how did your friendship evolve? (GDL)

Not in the later years, but they totally shaped how I saw stunting when I first started, like "no 3 cars" and "natural is better", stuff like that. I have discarded so many spots because of the "it's not natural" mentality, mostly stunts that are in need of extended run ups, which is kind of silly. But I try and do what I think I would like to see myself, so I guess the community kind of shaped it in that sense.

It's got to be Thomas (Red). I seem to remember adding all the norwegian stunters on msn very early, got a hold of a good one through Slim, which would be Daffy. Who I think gave me Thomas's msn. At first when I tried talking to him I think he found me a bit annoying, but who can blame him, I was a 14 year old boy trying to get to know the biggies. After a while though he kind of eased more into our conversations and he actually initiated some of them. We just kept talking and talking, and suddenly he invited me to this new crew him and Sony were making, VR. I remember saying something along the lines of "But why you want me in your crew, it's VC, I can't stunt VC" and he said something like "You'll learn!" He just wanted me in because he saw me as a good friend, which meant a lot to me. And yes, I did eventually learn my ways around in VC, and it's all thanks to this good fellah Thomas. We even met up at a concert ones, had a good time. Just one of the best people ever.

Which stunter nowadays, talking about the new ones, have made the biggest improvements in your eyes?
When can we/Can we ever expect a new solo?
Which stunting crew has the brightest future in your eyes?
Who/What brought you into stunting? (MaxXx)

I can't think of any one really new, some people feel new but really aren't. But I can remember seeing ZeRo and [Bart] getting really, good really fast, but that might be because I was inactive for a while as well. It's hard to tell, suddenly people are just beasty. It's quite fun.

I was thinking about doing a car themed one, but now that I have joined a more active crew I don't think It'll happen any time soon.

Depends what you mean by brightest, as for who'll survive longest I'd say WH, just because they have survived this long already without any proper sign of dying or losing activity. but if you mean in terms of other things, I think a certain unofficial crew has good things heading their way, and if they play their cards right and manage to stay active can be a new big one.

Slim did. He is my second cousin and I used to hang with him a lot. I had probably  seen some stunting videos online before, but never really thought much about it. Somehow we got talking about gta and he showed me some cool videos. And I remember the first time he showed me the forums, it was the day Daffy posted Aero. It blew my mind, and I got hooked. might add that I kept forgetting the sites name, had to ask Slim like 20 times until he made me bookmark it.

Quote from: Sava
Your mother and your girlfriend have their minds swapped and the only way to switch them back is to have sex with one of them. So do you have sex with your mother who has your girlfriend's mind or have sex with your girlfriend who has your mom's mind?
Do you find this question sick and weird or were there worse things going on in VR? Referring to video titles like Buttlust. (Rainbow)

Nah it was alright, the only sick thing in VR was Edgar after a good Cider(Beer). And the only weird thing was Sonys obsession with not pissing into the room.

Why did you change your nickname from Darkstarr to Simon? I see it's quite common these days to stunt with your own name.
Grinds or bigairs? (dont answer with bigair grinds)
In which crew did you feel most comfortable?
Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon? And why (The Big V)

hahah, I changed it when we went back from the temp forums. And seriously the only reason I did it was because I wanted to mess with people, because Brainkiller had the name Simon on the temp forums. So when we got back, I changed name and a lot of people were confused and Brainkiller was mad. It was good fun. After that people started asking if I wanted to be Darkstar or Simon, I'd usually just tell them to choose themselves because it didn't matter, but as of lately I've leaned more towards Darkstar.

A healthy mix, both are good fun and both can be just as annoying as the other.

I feel most comfortable in VR, but I haven't really had much time in any other crew yet so I'm exited to see how joining DP turns out. So far it's very good though, a lot of nice people that
I hope to get to know better over the years.

Pokemon, because it's the only one I've watched.

What do you think is the biggest impact you've had on the community? (Nerve)

This is going to be a boring answer, but I don't think I've had that much of an impact. It's a big community with a lot of personalities and opinions, So it's hard to imagine anything a silly little guy like me would say or do had an impact on it. Though I can only hope I've made the forums a slightly better place to be.

Will you ever make an coolio SA solo again ?
Do you like killing the Witch when I make her mad ? (Artifex)

Doubt I will try and make a proper SA solo, but I might make a 24h solo or something like that again. More fun and less of a hassle to find spots.

y u do dis? ;(

Why don't you ever finish a round of MTB-riddle with nikedj and me on SAMP? (JL)

I did once. And all the other times, because I realise how horribly bad I am with an mtb and how I should not even try to learn it.

What's the deal with leaving a smaller crew to join WH and then leaving and rejoining that smaller crew?
How does it feel do land disturbingly hard stunts?
Aiiight how you bing boogie?
Why doesn't a boogie board have dvd?
Do you think an openly gay stunter would be accepted by the community? (Sorcery)

Multiple reasons, one of the main ones being that at the time I really wanted to try and become more active in SA, seeing as VR wasn't the best place to be if you wanted to be encouraged to stunt SA I thought I might find it better in WH who was both VC and SA. After a while when I realised my SA activity wasn't really increasing and that all my VR friends were kind of turning their backs at me for leaving. I realised that leaving them was a mistake and asked if I could join again. Cola still calls me WH Bastard every now and again.

Feels like landing any other stunt. Feels goood.


Because you can't boogie and dvd at the same time

As long as he wouldn't make a deal out if it, I don't think anyone would care much. He'd have a blast going through TBV's pics though.

How are you?
Why do you find anime so interesting?
What do you listen to?
Why don't you stunt in SA that much last couple of years? (Nem)

I'm gooood.

Same reason I find any other movie or series interesting. Story and Characters. I don't like every anime ever, 98% of them are utter shit, but a few gems are worth watching. Just like it's with movies or series. Therefor it might annoy me when people say Anime is shit. I also love animation though, so that's another aspect of it that kind of draws me in. EH? EH? DRAWS! ANIMATION! EH?

I'm not much of a music guy, at all. Don't have a favorite artist or song. So I mostly listen to my own thoughts.

Because I couldn't find the motivation, VC is just much more fun to play around with.

What are you wearing? (Sheeptea)

OOh, Pyjamapants with a giant hole in the crotch and a red t-shirt covered in some good old dandruff. Sexy.

Can you recall some of specific memories of stunting that were special to you* and share them with us in detail? (RedX)

A few ones, I'll pick two moments that came to mind first.
First one is when me and Thomas were remaking "One of a Kind" and we hadn't decided on doing it in 24h, but it looked like we could make it. And there was this bump 2 grind at the northpoint mall which needed to be done. I told Thomas to do it, because at the time I couldn't grind at all, and doing a 360 before it was crazy in my book. But Thomas, said something along the lines of "No man, if you want this to be done in 24h you do it. I'm going, bye." He basically left me, with the pressure of making this 24h or not. And at the time I felt that it was important that this was done so I sat down and tried it until I landed it, like after 5 minutes, and I remember being so overly pleased with myself. Looking back it's a silly thing to be happy about, but at the time it was just the best feeling.

The other one is the day where my luck was at it's top. It had been a few days trying the Saga finisher, and I went in game to get at it again. Get a few good tries and get excited. Barely slide of after a really fucking close try, and I was so fucking pissed. And then I land it the next, and I was sooo happy. Just so fucking happy. After I had saved the replay and clipped it and such. I went back in to vc thinking: What do I do now? I had beeen trying that stunt for the last few days, so no stunt really came to mind. Then It dawned on me, since this seemed to be a lucky day, "maybe I'll hammer in some hours on that bump to antenna" is what I thought to myself and I flew over. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  BOOM landed it. Right away, and my mind was just going wild. This couldn't actually be happening, I had never actually  thought I would land this. After that I knew another spot, a car spot that had been bothering me for months. I went and tried it and at the third try, I slide off the roof, after not touching it all these months. Sadly that was the end of my luck and the car spot was modded later by modovla. But holy shit, the day I landed 2 gnarly stunts a few minutes between each other was a good day and a good memory.

Why didn't you use Devour's finisher in your best of? (MxZz)

Firstly, because I decided not to have SAiVC stunts in my best of. Secondly, because I don't think it's one of the better stunts I've landed. It's a csm to a roof, nothing really exciting about it.

What are your plans for the future?
What countries have you visited so far?
Would you encourage people to emigrate into Norway? (Edga)

In a months time I'll be attending a school for 3D animation and Game Design. Depending on the second year, I will either go staight into work, for some company or start my own, or I will go to england and take a bachelor in game design. I haven't really planned further than that.

Sweden, England, The Netherlands and Croatia. I think that's it.

If you know you'll like it here, yeah sure.

Whenever I have my trip to europe, can I stay in your place for a few days? Hotels aren't cheap mate (XTO)

Probably, unless my parents have a strong objection. Doubt you'd come to where I live when traveling europe though :D

Anything else you want to say to community?

Do what you like to do and don't let people like me put you down for doing shit I don't like.

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