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SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:06:03 PM »
It's still the default NRG but with a popped front tire, it's the same bike.
You should be careful in your statements, because you are respected as old stunter and people gonna listen what you are saying. But you are wrong, the PT bike is not the same bike as default, I've wrote about this before, this is the fact.

About marking the PT bike i'm gonna agree because you can see that tire is popped and wheel is gonna be in the texture a bit, same with bike movements, when you landing it moves different and you can spot it. But it depends of camera angles also.
Best solution to advanced bike is mark it in descriptions, i'm gonna agree with it.

P.S. Guys, please, check out the full topic before posting to avoid misunderstanding. It would be wise of you.

IV Unmodded Videos / Re: Lex - MANKIND 2
« on: February 13, 2020, 03:19:40 PM »
I'm still sure that you are fake, anyway i liked the whole video and stunts were superb. Well done!

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 11, 2020, 04:15:56 PM »
All the unique stunts, such as SS's natural bump to Naval Base, Taz' natural bump on LV highway to Big roof and others stunts were done with popped tire, which gives you an advantage, otherwise, no one would use it. It's awesome method and thanks who invented it. But you are really wrong, that you can't use same advantage as advanced bike in main videos, it is not fair. It is my opinion and i just wanted to share it here, all my work in vain. I'm done with this topic.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 11, 2020, 04:42:01 AM »
You should create a strawpoll through the gtas discord server, so people can vote.
Not bad idea, but for me it's hard to explain my point of view and make a right voting, because of my bad english, i'm using translator and always not sure if i say correctly.
Anyway, what this voting would change? Some people are not that active and probably have no clue about these methods, how it works and what it does. So whether the vote will go right or wrong is doubtful, imo.
Nevermind how this voting would be ended, why people should keep themselves within the limits? Every aspect of popped tire method and advanced bike method was reviewed and you still can do whatever you want as before.
The moment of being within the limits is horrible, leave it.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:27:11 AM »
For those, who don't understand why i compare other methods such as RAD's and others, I do it because, every of them are same bugs, which gives you an advantage. Imagine, if RAD's method was found nowdays and all stunts before were landed with tapping only. I'm sure your reaction would be same as on advanced NRG-500: "tapping is original way to land the stunt and RAD's is different, let's go to use it in themed videos, because it's not normal, you getting more speed with this bug, you can't get same speed with tapping!"
But you all get used to RAD's method and now this is the main method in stunting.
You gonna say that for RAD's method you don't need to do any specific manipulations, same with popped tire, but you don't understand that making RAD's, shot in the tire to pop the tire, to fail the mission for get the advanced bike is all the same act for game as for a programm, which is reads the information from files and for every act there is different instruction. When you do something that wasn't planned it is causing a bug. When you go vertically and making RAD's it causes a bug which gives you the speed. Same with other methods.
So, if every method gives you advantages, compared to normal game, let's make themed videos for every method then? xD
Ofc, it was a joke, but just think about it.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 10, 2020, 06:23:04 AM »
Completely proved that popped tire NRG-500 is also different bike. It's weird if stunt with popped tire is going to be accepted for collaboration, for example, and advanced NRG-500 is not. Still opened question. As for me, i'm going to use it in everything where i consider it necessary, because for me is no matter if stunt was done with regular bike, popped tire bike or advanced bike, the result is going to be the same. Lame thing works only in theory, IMO, because you cannot confirm this, untill you try it yourself.
Every people have their own thoughts, do whatever you want to do, but all who interested, can find all answers in this topic.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:25:13 AM »
Well, i think it is all about intermediate link. This link = popped tires mechanics. You put this link between game physics and vehicle handling file = you got a PT's movement. But this "link" is a part of a game, it was made on purpose by developers. So, it is perfectly legit.

2 problems this community has with such things.
1 - tell in a video what was used to do a stunt. Popped tire - tell it. And there will be no questions.
2 - there will be someone who will say you "lamed" a spot. Because after someone will land it with PT nrg, and you will land it with standart nrg after that - for community it will be an "old" stunt.
So, nothing can stop you from using both PT and bugged nrg. But you must be ready for some hate.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:21:38 AM »
Afterlife, why do you think that PT nrg has different handlings than standart nrg? Handling is all about numbers in direct nrg file in game folder. Do you think that when you pop the tire, game starting to use a different file for PT bike? Because if it is not, you can not say that PT bike has a different handling.
Yes it does, i mean, maybe not different file or something, but game reads another information which is specifies to popped tire
if regular, then 00
if popped, then 01
it's just an example.

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 09, 2020, 06:51:40 AM »
Yes, for me it is because the popped tire bike gives you less of an advantage as the advanced one, because as I said, there's limits, and for me (and most part of the community) the popped tire NRG seems to be inside the limits. It also kind of is because the advanced NRG looks silly. But as I said, it's not that I don't accept the advanced NRG, it's just that it has a time and place of usage, just like the popped tire NRG.
agreed, at least you got it, that's good

It is pretty lame and I don't accept it all that much to be quite honest. Not the biggest fan of making a vehicle spawn wherever you want it. That's why I don't do it.
also agree with you

How is that my logic?
Not yours, i was based on logic of others who also discussing here

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Re: Legend - Twenty
« on: February 09, 2020, 06:40:01 AM »
Damn, if just change camera view, make a bit different, it would be more sick, but still i loved the good old atmosphere with this song and good color correction, it makes a right mood imo!
stunts were good for lefty, i also did second stunt like 3 years ago, i don't remember, just it was nice to see this spot again, double grind was stylish and finisher - damn, dat height! well done overall!

good video guys! at least without mods (i hope) and glitched editing, it was watchable!
loved naturals and grinds, boost to prec was neat, too much stucked methods imo, but nevermind it was ok. well done guys!

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:52:20 AM »
Iím with you on the boat that itís facts that PT changes the handling of the bike, because it 100% does, thatís why you donít loose that much speed while turning and some other advantages, otherwise, no one would use it. But in my opinion thereís limits to this shit and the advanced NRG is definitely out of them.

Although I do see your point that the whole thing is just another glitch/bug, which it is, it can still be considered lame. Would I use the bike if Rockstar decided to release it as an ďNRG-600Ē? No, not for the spots poss with the regular bikes.

The example is GTA: V stunting for me. They found several glitches that are 100% legit such as jumping off Mount Chilliad and getting the infinite glide, sliding with the side of your bike on a downhill to get lots of speed, following the slipstream of someone else to increase the speed, and Iím sure there are some other examples. Do they use them? No, they are considered lame by ultimately everyone.

They get DLCs with new vehicles every now and then and they either make a themed video for the DLC, or they use it in a normal collab/cv with a stunt unique for that vehicle (aka imposs with the regular ones).

They even have their own advanced NRG, the Hakuchou. In V the higher your wheelie, the better results youíre most likely gonna get speed wise on your runup, and the Hakuchous wheelies are really high. Theyíve decided that, if itís possible, theyíre gonna use the Bati, the Akuma or other bikes if X spot is possible with them and save the Hakuchou for spots that have a higher bump you canít really get with any other bikes or for spots that are only possible with the Hakuchou, or else wise itís considered lame.

How did they get to the conclusion of not using the infinite glide, the sliding glitch, the slipstream glitch or the Hakuchou in X spots? By having the majority of the community agree with these un-written laws. And that is whatís basically happening here.

Yes, the advanced NRG will give you some major time save in some spots that are possible with the regular/pt NRG, and I do get the appeal of that, but that is also what makes it unanimously lame as well. Happens the same thing with the regular NRG too. What do you do when a spot you found seems too easy or not that good to land with NRG? You switch to an FCR/PCJ and leave the NRG for itís own spots, which is what should happen with the advanced NRG.
Firstly, i want to say that this is the most adequate reply in this topic. Secondly, i almost agree with everything you said above, but the moment of limits betweeen pt and advanced is interesting for me.
Let's forget about advanced nrg, we have only default and pt.
PT's limits are definitely out of the default bike limits, this is the fact. With PT you can do something you can't do with regular bike, here is example -
So the usage of the pt bike is questionable? If not, so why you accept the pt and not accept the advanced one? Only because the effect of the glitch for PT bike is less than glitch effect for Advanced?
Also, there was talk about saving time by using cleo script for barracks, mavericks, and cars in discord. Very good thing, can't say anything bad about this, only if you gonna use it in places where the original vehicle can spawn, so it's okay.
You are accepting cleo mod to save your time, but isn't it lame if you can do it by yourself? The reason of this question is why you can't switch from regular bike to popped tire or glitched bike if it can save your time? We all can do it, but the problem is your thoughts and doubts which are in your heads. You are trying to set the rules, which are useless, imo.
Or we use all that game give to us or we use nothing - no rad, no popped, no boosts, no tec jumps and etc. (based on your logic)

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 08, 2020, 11:22:49 AM »
The way you acquired it in the video is definitely unfair..
i've shown the easiest way to get this bike with dannye's main.scm, because every stunter use it.
If someone doubts in getting this bike in original game, here is video about it

SA Chat & Support / Re: Advanced NRG-500 - my thoughts + tutorial
« on: February 08, 2020, 11:06:38 AM »
Popped tire = handling of the nrg still the original one
Glitched nrg = modified handling line, even if it is a legit glitch
Lol, wut? Any proofs that popped tire = original handling? You based on in-game demonstration, popped tire bike also has modified handling line, which makes nrg-500 movements different compared to regular nrg-500 or it would be no point to use it if it doesn't change anything.

It is coding, not IRL, if you do the one thing, it's already written in the code what is must be done and it switches. If you pop the tire, then bike is going to be with popped tire, it moves from stage of being normal to the next stage - to be the popped tire. Game is gonna read it from the file, probably from the handling.cfg. Just changes for popped tire is less than for glitched bike. You fail the mission, game reads the code, probably wrong code and bug is happening. You still don't see the similarities?

What is the problem just to accept the bike, imagine if rockstar updated the game and added new bike nrg-600,
nrg-500 was the best, but nrg-600 is better and now everyone can use it.

That's why nobody is going to accept that method dude.
If you think its the same than popped tire, go and try your hospital stunt with popped tire, but without the glitched nrg..
Man, i told you i spend a lot of time on this spot, i tried with regular bike, with popped tire, with glitched and with popped tire + glitched, i want to believe that it's possible with regular bike, but i guess it's not. the main problem
of this spot is to enter the turn left and save the speed what is very hard to repeat on regular or PT bike cuz of rad bumps and something, i found that glitched + popped tire is best way to save the speed and enter the turning. Fun fact is that my replay is short, i'm still trying to reland it from the moment i did it, and nothing happened by now. I think i landed one of the hardest stunts and when i hear what it's called lame it's depressing me.

If you land spots which are impossible without that glitch, I don't see a problem, but don't expect it to be accepted in the community collabs, nobody is going to accept stunts with that glitch in not-themed collabs :neen:
Why it must be themed type method, so why you mix taxi boost stunts in videos and other methods? You are making rules again and i gonna say again who are you to set the rules and why someone should keep these rules?
RAD's method was also the unknown bug, it was not invented by devs, all you could do is just tapping. But when you do RADs, game reads something that wasn't planned - bug is happening and you getting the speed. Same you do with glitched bike. I think you all just need to get used of this method, same was with RADs, taxi boost, farm method and others.

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