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Modus Operandi Public Section / Re: ZeRo - Monsoon
« on: October 09, 2019, 02:55:41 PM »
What a pleasant video, enjoyed every second of it. Stunts were great and fresh, I loved that you went for natural stuff, the double grind near the airport and the finisher stood out for me. The editing was calm and somehow really pleasant to watch and with this catchy song it created a perfect atmosphere. Good job guys!  :P

SA Chat & Support / Re: no slowroads collab
« on: September 29, 2019, 07:31:02 AM »
I'd like to try this slowroad fix sometime, wish I could find the time for it. If I do, I will try to land something.

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Re: Beyond Driveshaft
« on: September 28, 2019, 02:44:09 AM »
Great video, it was so good to see old names appear in a video once again, no matter if those were old/released stunts. Good job Nem for luring out everyone from their caves for this, can't wait for the actual comvid if this video was an 'extra'.
Also, as much as I loved this video, I kinda felt sorry for those who sent many stunts to the comvid and now see some of their stunts in an unexpected 'early release', I just hope they don't mind this.

Evolve Public Section / Re: Evolve Stunting - ELEVEN
« on: September 28, 2019, 02:20:46 AM »
So many thoughts whilest watching the video, because it was so long  :lol:
Firstly, finally there were a great amount of car stunts in the video, which I liked! Lobbin is still one of my fav (car) stunters in V, and so is Masa with all the creative stunts he keeps coming up with. Honor stood out as well for me, his first car stunt was ridiculously high, I thought he would land the high building he later bumped on  :lol: Still, my problem with all those car stunts is that I cannot tell whether one will land the high building, the higher one or the highest one. I may not be familiar with V physics but it's all unpredictable as hell for me which is kind of a letdown. I liked Aqua's first bmx stunt as well, that sequence with the lamps and the grinds was satisfactory enough. Another shoutout goes to the grindbump2crane stunt which kinda reminded me of SA stunting, so that's a massive apprecation. Now what I really disliked and always will is when you land something you didn't even reach but you do a 'wallride' (wouldn't even call that a wallride, watch SA videos for reference) to make it to the roof. And I'm really sad the finisher was done this way, especially that Vanilla landed it normally, it's just lame to land it this way. It might be high as fuck, but still, you did not reach the roof, so you are not supposed to land it, so for me, it is not landed.
I barely watch V videos, usually just your main TTs so I don't keep up with V stunting trends. So when I watch your videos I always welcome new ideas and I appreciate you guys trying to come up with new methods and ideas, keep it up. About the length of the video, it's indeed too long, I'd make videos more frequently and with less stunts. But the aim of a TT is probably to be a big video with as many members as possible in it, so I understand if this frequency and length is the preference. Another thing that came into my mind is the consantly changing lineup in your videos. I wonder how many members (active or inactive) do you have currently? On one hand it's always nice to see new names delivering stuff, but on the other hand a crew is a crew for keeping up quality with relatively the same lineup over a period of time.
The editing was okay, I had no problems with it, but indeed some of your previous videos were stronger songwise and editingwise. These songs kinda lacked dynamism for me, but props for using songs from the same band, I noticed it and it gives the video a concept imo. Also, I really digged the outro, you guys always come up with something entertaining!
My words may not sound so friendly, but I liked a good amount of the stunts and enjoyed the video as a whole. Keep up the work guys!

Modus Operandi Public Section / Re: Fancy Eyes
« on: September 28, 2019, 01:40:14 AM »
Really digged this one, a very typical Socery video if you ask me. Songwise, editingwise, stuntingwise it had everything all together, and I'm blown away by how comfortably you execute these grinds/grabs/grind2grabs/grab2grinds and every combination of them. You can make a stunt happen in the most common, overused and boring places, like at 0.48, where is literally nothing worthy to do, but you manage to do a grab, stay stuck precisely on the very peak of the fence, and then grind downwards. IMO this stunt shows well your stunting style, creating stuff at nonsense places and executing them flawlessly, which is so important when it comes to grinds.
All in all a very entertaining 4 minutes of stunting, thanks for the experience  :D

SA Modded Video Releases / Re: Stowaway mission PCJ stunts
« on: September 28, 2019, 01:13:57 AM »
Amazing video, those stunts were HUGE. It's truly fascinating to watch these stunts as they are so damn big and we stunters are not used to seeing such stunts. The sad thing that after this, the normal bigair stunts will look little and less impressive, I'm afraid. But props to you for maximizing the possibilities of this method  :P

USS Video Releases / Re: [USS] 2028
« on: September 02, 2019, 01:28:26 PM »
Unexpected to say the least, but absolutely loved this one!
Mehmet and Xtramus using the terrain so differently yet awesomely, I loved every single stunt of you guys. I admire you Xtramus for always coming up with interesting stunts even at the flattest places. The bonk2grind over the fence at the construction site was simply a pleasure to watch, so was the freeway combo but my favourite from you is the angel csm2prec at the police station. I wonder if I've ever seen that prec being landed.
Moving on to one of my all time fav stunters in VC. Mehmet, you showed once again your creativity and what I like the most about your stunts is that they make me feel it's SA. You always manage to land stunts that I usually see in SA, maybe that's the reason why I dig your stunts to much. A good example is the recoil2bbprec, a 'typical' SA stunt if you ask me. The squalobump2fishing place is genius as well, so many have ridden around that place but nobody has ever come up with this sequence, brilliant. The finisher is amazing as well, such an overused place and you find something THAT cool in 2019, wow.
Apart from this I loved to see Ralleee back in action, but props to Turtle Boy and Urban Legend for still pushing theirselves.
The editing along with the song was my cup of tea, just how a decent stunt video should look and feel like. No matter of the year or the short lineup, you guys still procude high-end videos. Please, keep it up!  :a-cheer:

Modus Operandi Public Section / Re: MtS - Generation Loss
« on: September 01, 2019, 01:59:37 PM »
Some outstanding stunts just like the opener or that unreal tank recoil, also loved the amount of sanchez grinds, they kinda feel unique. The boat2boat jump was one of a kind as well and so was the finisher. I can't imagine how long it took to stay on that, even if you did it this way  :lol:

SA Modded Video Releases / Re: sckR - 2019SASolotage
« on: August 25, 2019, 04:24:58 AM »
Cool video, finisher was really great, I wonder how many tries and how much time did it take you to land it  :D

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: Random Stunts Series
« on: August 24, 2019, 10:56:49 AM »
god damn joe you are not even trying to hide it

I always find it inspiring when someone makes a remake video. You have landed some really great stunts, just like the rebellion infy curbbump or the finisher (would never try to re-do a double on that lol). When I was watching your version, I was wondering: did KM really not include his SF highbump2hotel in his best of? So I was curious, checked his original video and realised you landed some other stunts and swapped them (almost) brilliantly  :lol: The glen park curbbump instead of the SF highbump was a worthy swap if we can say something like this, and the boost replacement to a boost was as good of a swap as it can be. But I still would have liked it much better if you manage to land those original stunts, especially because you were so close to finish the project. I just wonder why you didn't keep trying these stunts when you had the finisher and others landed  :hmm:
All in all I honor your effort of remaking this pretty cool video, I just wish you landed all the stunts.

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: Dreamland-Oliver&Brain
« on: August 20, 2019, 03:04:36 AM »
Amazing video guys, did not expect it to be this good.
Top quality boosts, great precision landings, and for some reason I found a great number of the stunts interesting for some reason. Maybe it was the place, the landing or just the boost in itself. Also I loved the editing along with this soundtrack, this tranquil atmosphere fitted really well these taxi stunts. The music went on and the boosts were just coming and coming, no wonder I didn't even have time to check how many minutes I'm into the video. All in all a masterpiece as earlier mentioned, a rarity in 2019, thanks for the experience guys!

Also, I have never experienced someone putting it this way, just like a politician  :lol:

Standouts for me: 3:47 (if it wasnt bail)
To be honest, 3:47 is a half-finished product

Community Videos / Re: 2019/2020 San Andreas Community Video
« on: August 14, 2019, 02:01:44 PM »
It's shaping up nicely! Good to see Sajtos back!  :wub:

SA Stunting Challenges / Re: Hoff's Easy Challenge Game
« on: August 06, 2019, 03:10:25 PM »

XSA Chat & News / Re: Damn, nice to see this forum still up
« on: July 22, 2019, 04:08:49 AM »
Nice to see some old names stopping by nowadays, maybe it's a 'new wave'  :lol:

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