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March 25, 2017, 09:33:18 AM by Asaaj
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Yiiihhaaaa ! mqtH is providing the community with a sick SA/VC collaboration including some of the most active living legends that are still rocking these classics games.

Thanks to my lover Filip "Overrated" Promagic for taking the editing job and everybody who joined the project.
Also a big thanks to my man The Big V for the investment he put into this.

We've had a lot of troubles while rendering/uploading this video due to PM's shitty render setting and the copyrights so I suggest you to download it or to watch it on Dropbox.
I won't write the line up, I'll let y'all discover it while watching.







YouTube (muted)

Download Links

1440p - h265 (for high-end pcs)

1080p (for peoples like me)

Shout out to everybody who's not giving up on SA & VC.

Posted by mqtH. Be sure to check it out
March 24, 2017, 08:34:45 AM by Asaaj
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Evolve Stunting - Parallax

Be sure to check their new video out here and leave a comment ;)

March 11, 2017, 01:22:53 PM by Asaaj
Views: 242 | Comments: 2

GTAStunting Discord Server

Good day everyone! I am sure you all have heard of Discord! In any case if you have not I will just give you a quick run down of what it is.

Discord is (or similiar to) a VoIP-client which is used for various things like sharing media, chatting and even talking to each other by voice. It is also possible to have custom emotes just like with MSN (minus GIFs). You can install it on your computer/laptop/smartphone or just have it open in your browser. The choice is yours!

Disclaimer: This will not in any way shape or form replace the forums and participation is merely voluntarily. If you do want to join then just shoot me a quick message and I will invite you. I am also open for suggestions to improve the server.

Just simply make an account on the page I am providing below and you should be good to go! Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. You know the drill.

Download Link:

Membership Link
February 27, 2017, 03:17:57 AM by hachi | Views: 497 | Comments: 3

F O R U M   A W A R D S   2016

Closing Words
Before we concluding these awards, it'd be a bit nice to apologize for being so late this year. I took this task as I've noticed that none had started it yet and it got me a bit worried about the commitment and activity of this community. There were some flaws with this forum awards, blaming both my inactivity and the trolls of course, however, it turned out quite well. I'd like to thank Blaze for taking his time into designing those sexy banners for the winners. On the other hand, as long as videos are being produced by stunters in this community, the forum awards should always be hosted by anyone. Like always, it's best to finish this off with a traditional quote.

"Do remember stunting is about having fun, not winning anything.
This is merely meant as an appreciation to those who inspire us."

Best Solo Video of the Year (VC/LC/SAiVC)
The best solo made in the VC engine using one or more of these maps: Vice City, Liberty City and/or SAiVC.

Arnax - I am that I am 11
Xtramus - A Dash of Yellow 7
Max - max_apostatize 3

Best Solo Video of the Year (SA/United/AC)
The best solo made in the SA engine using one or more of these maps: San Andreas, GTA United and/or Alien City.

ARS - Forkstolb 7
Nem - Lighting across The Bay Bridge 6
ki40 - Daydreaming 5

Best Solo Video of the Year (GTA V)
The best solo made in the GTA V engine.

THEFTman - Iron Sky 13
Outlaw Penguin - Resonance 4
SyperDimon - GTA 5 stunts (SD) (9) 3

Best Collaboration Video of the Year (VC/LC/SAiVC)
The best collaboration made in the VC engine using one or more of these maps: Vice City, Liberty City and/or SAiVC.

A History of Violence III 10
Bark & Max - Somnium 6
A History of Violence II 4

Best Collaboration Video of the Year (SA/United/AC)
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