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Re: Solid Ground 3
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-Full review-


0:05-0:11 Promagic: Amazing find. Clean execution as well. 9/10
0:12-0:19 Artifex: Never been a huge fan of Monster leaping but this was a clean spot. Nice execution. Still question monster mechanics though. 7/10
0:20-0:27 Balsam: One of the stunts I personally thought that didn't belong here. Not a massive fan of driving on to a grind. Sorry. 4/10
0:28-0:35 ARS: Really good find. Can't believe I never thought of that. Krail made it even better. 8/10
0:35-0:39 Kai: I have seen something like this before I think. Not sure where or by who. 6/10
0:40-0:47 SkilZ: Pretty cool. Not necessarily my style, but looks good nonetheless. 7/10
0:47-0:55 Diaz: At first I thought you were going to reland Artifex' P2B but then you ramped it to the 4Dragons Casino roof. Really clever. 8/10
0:56-1:03 Jeff: My man. This is my style. Creativity despite many people disliking it because of non amazing landings. Had been looking for a way to gap it and you did it. Awesome job. 10/10
1:04-1:10 Afterlife: Cool idea. Never been fond of jumping parkours like that but still not bad. 6/10
1:11-1:18 PrzemOO: Pretty cool spot. Not a whole lot to say about this other than that. 7/10
1:19-1:27 MqtH: Spot is old, the double bump doesn't add a whole lot for me. Sorry. 5/10
1:28-1:35 Reynolds: I still don't know how people set up those packer stuck methods but this was a clever spot for it. 6/10
1:36-1:43 SkilZ: The Infernus made that look better. Nice job relanding it with NRG though. 7/10
1:44-1:50 NumeRo: This one actually blew my mind. That double krail added so much to it and the spot itself is also very nicely found. Awesome stunt. 9/10
1:51-1:58 burn: Isn't that old? Regardless, not one of your best stunts, sorry. 6/10
1:59-2:06 ki4o: Very nice execution on that. Looks very good. 8/10
2:07-2:14 Rusch69: I actually lost this stunt, but never cared for it. Nice job landing it. 8/10
2:15-2:22 Kai: This was amazing. At first I thought those windows were solid but I just missed it, then you mentioned on Twitch you used a save file in which those windows are broken. Clever and creative way to stunt. I really liked that. 10/10
2:23-2:29 Billy: Again, a very creative stunt which I can definitely appreciate. Cool spot for it as well. Looked great. 9/10
2:30-2:38 Rusch69: Cool spot, not sure if it's old or not. I had a feeling it was. But still a good looking stunt. 8/10
2:39-2:46 Erney: How nobody ever thought of that is beyond me. Great find! 8/10
2:47-2:54 Artifex: Great stunt. I'm a big fan of this style. Nice execution as well. 8/10
2:55-3:02 Milbridge: Not too big of a fan of this, mainly because the grind is angled the way it is, but that's beyond your reach. Nice find though. 8/10
3:03-3:10 Rusch69: Awesome stunt. Looks great! 9/10
3:11-3:18 Diaz: Pretty cool. Grinds are always nice. 8/10
3:19-3:27 Reynolds: That is definitely old. I have a replay on my PC from a few years ago where someone landed this stunt as well. Still a cool spot. 8/10


3:30-3:36 Art: Solid spot. Nothing else to say about it, really. 8/10
3:37-3:41 Rusch69: Not a fan of starting on a roof to land another roof. Personal preference obviously because other people seemed to really like it. Just not my style. 7/10
3:42-3:49 Artifex: Simple yet effective. Really good looking stunt. 8/10
3:50-3:58 Balsam: Great stunt! I would like to see someone double grind that hehe. 8/10
3:59-4:02 Sheikah16: Great execution. Grinding those things is a pain in the ass. You managed to grind the entire thing. Even managed to keep balance after the 180. Nicely done! 8/10
4:03-4:10 Gryzlek: Really good find! Execution as well is very good! Great spot overall. 9/10
4:11-4:18 burn: I have seen you land this live. Cool spot! Always thought it was impossible. But then you introduce me to new tricks I was never even aware of. Really good spot! 9/10
4:19-4:31 Vanilla: The fuck man. 10/10
4:32-4:35 Legend: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe KasT did this before? I remember a green Turismo specifically. And if I am not mistaken it was KasT that landed this. Not sure though. Still a good looking spot. 8/10
4:46-4:37 Rusch69: Lost this one as well. I saw people did it with Packer side bump so didn't bother trying it. The recoil you got from the bump on the roof was crazy. Great job man. 9/10
4:40-4:48 PrzemOO: I don't know what it is that I love about this stunt so much. It looks so simple yet really good. 9/10
4:49-4:55 Jeff: Again, a spot of which I can't believe I never thought of. Execution was awesome on that! 9/10
4:56-5:00 Balsam: Solid spot. Never got the hang of Rhino bumping but apparently you did. 8/10
5:01-5:07 bart: This was amazing. Such a good find and I love the creativity. This is what I like to see. 10/10
5:08-5:17 burn: Seen you try this live as well. Great spot. You combined the two worst elements with a Freeway, Grinding and Stoppie-ing, into a single spot. Great stunt! 9/10
5:19-5:25 Kai: Very TMS-era like I find. Not much to say about this. 8/10
5:26-5:31 Artifex: Didn't that LPS guy land that as well? I forgot their name but they hang out with Playboyz a lot. Nice job landing it though. 9/10
5:32-5:38 Seaver: Yeah, not sure if this was the stunt you intended to send but this is one of the stunts I thought didn't belong here. Not a very special stunt to me. 3/10
5:39-5:45 Artifex: Great combo. Nice find. Good spot. 8/10
5:46-5:59 Ktulu: Finally someone landed it with NRG. Nicely done! 9/10
6:00-6:07 JustCause: Nice execution on that. Pretty cool spot. 7/10
6:08-6:27 Vanilla: The fuck man. This was an amazing stunt and arguably the best one in the video. Despite it not necessarily connecting to my style, this was such a good stunt and execution. I can't imagine how long it took you to land that. Fantastic job. 10/10


6:30-6:41 Reynolds: You managed to grind three of those. I wonder if it's possible to do all four of them with a bike. 8/10
6:42-7:05 Kai: Ever since Afterlife introduced me to Bandito stunting, it always piqued my interest. It's such a fun vehicle with some fun mechanics. Nice stunt. 8/10
7:06-7:14 Artifex: Nice find. Not too big of a fan of it personally. 7/10
7:15-7:32 JustCause: Cool stunt. Gaps are probably my favorite stunting 'method'. 9/10

I sound very unenthusiastic I noticed, but I swear, this video is better than my review makes it out to be. My style is just smaller and creativity-based. Rather than crazy combos and insane big airs or just overly complicated stunting. I legit think this is one of the best SA videos out there. Despite my relatively negative sounding review. I apologize for that.

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Thanks for the reviews guys! Figured I should do one too; here goes nothing.

Solid Ground 3: Stunts Review


0:05-0:11 Promagic: Great stunt, I liked the double bump aspect of this P2B! Looks a little strange, but my spidey senses have been dulled by the V so who knows :P. 4/5
0:12-0:19 Artifex: I love shit like this! Monster leap and an iconic landing; what's not to love ;D. 4/5
0:20-0:27 Balsam: Not a fan sorry, I think this was a little redundant compared to your Vrock grind. 2/5
0:28-0:35 ARS: The spot is decent, but the execution was fantastic! 3.5/5
0:35-0:39 Kai: I didn't like it, this location has so much more potential. Imagine dropbumping this, but ground grabbing the roof, and grinding the stairs... that's just one quick idea; there's a ton of more impressive spots here. 2/5
0:40-0:47 SkilZ: Looks nice, but it's not super interesting. Room for improvement by switching to a backstoppie on the lower level of the building. 2.5/5
0:47-0:55 Diaz: This spot looks amazing; I was a big fan of the creativity in using the tower to bump to the building! It's a shame you didn't land the roof precision though, that would have been brilliant. 3.5/5
0:56-1:03 Jeff: Clever spot, but it lacks wow factor. Had you precisioned the bridge, this would have been snazzy :euro:. 3/5
1:04-1:10 Afterlife: Good idea, but it's missing something. I would have wheelied the first ledge, grinded the second ledge, tec jumped at the end, and landed the yellow grind afterwards. 3/5
1:11-1:18 PrzemOO: Great spot, but while your landing was cool, it looks like it's possible to the top with a bump off the pipe. 3.5/5
1:19-1:27 MqtH: Not bad, but I was hoping you would land the top. 2.5/5
1:28-1:35 Reynolds: Sorry but this was not worth landing. The PSM setup was nice, but the stunt you landed with it was not equally creative. 1/5
1:36-1:43 SkilZ: Good spot, but it's old in an Infernus and I like the original landing more; the shape of the stunt feels more suited to cars than bikes. 2.5/5 (old) 3/5 (new)
1:44-1:50 NumeRo: Decent spot, fantastic execution! Just a shame the grind is inherently blocked :(. 3/5
1:51-1:58 burn: This looks tricky, but the spot is a little boring in my opinion. Seems like there may be potential to land the top, but I'm sure it's almost impossible :P. 3.5/5
1:59-2:06 ki4o: I'm a big fan of spots involving spins, but while this was stylish, I found the spot lacking in creativity. These types of spins are best paired with a super iconic location to get the best out of them. 3/5
2:07-2:14 Rusch69: Didn't like it, sorry. Looks like there's room for an interesting combo here, so this was disappointing in my opinion. 2/5
2:15-2:22 Kai: Very cool spot! I wish you took this further though; imagine landing on the slanted part of the roof with a burst tire, tire spinning back down the roof, and dropping through the window to the table precision... that would have been insane! 3.5/5
2:23-2:29 Billy: Unorthodox thinking, nice spot :cheernutz:. 3/5
2:30-2:38 Rusch69: This is my kind of shit, couldn't have been done better! 4/5
2:39-2:46 Erney: Very good spot; someone told me it's old but I must have forgot, because I got a nice surprise out of this! 3/5 (old) 3.5/5 (new)
2:47-2:54 Artifex: Not bad, neat idea. However I have a feeling that this could be done with a stoppie, and then a bonk on the small hut next to the grind. 3/5
2:55-3:02 Milbridge: This is not so good. You're still cool though :wub:. 2/5
3:03-3:10 Rusch69: Fair spot, but a little basic. 3/5
3:11-3:18 Diaz: Very nice, and the spin grind was quite fortuitous! 3.5/5
3:19-3:27 Reynolds: Well played, but I feel that there are better spots in this location. 3/5


3:30-3:36 Art: Good thinking but lacking polish; it would have been great if you figured out a way to grind and precision the top too. 3/5
3:37-3:41 Rusch69: Cool stunt with an impressive execution; I'm just not a fan of tank bumps on buildings lower than the starting position. Especially given that Raekwon landed this building naturally. 3.5/5
3:42-3:49 Artifex: This simply looked stylish, but creatively speaking the spot was a little thin. 3/5
3:50-3:58 Balsam: That was a damn good stunt! Don't care if it's easy, it looks beautiful :jajaja:. 3.5/5
3:59-4:02 Sheikah16: My favourite stunt of yours, along with your Infernus grind from Oasis! 3/5
4:03-4:10 Gryzlek: Fucking good thinking, dope stunt! Landing the middle would have made this truly excellent (not sure if it's possible), but it's satisfactory as is. 4/5
4:11-4:18 burn: Sweet and plain, blessRNG and it was nice to see this landed without mods! 4/5
4:19-4:31 VaNilla: This was the first SA stunt I landed since last year, and it was fucking hard. I wanted to take this style of boosting up a notch, and I had a little brainwave that it would be cool to add some spins in the mix; it has never been done before, which is rare to say in 2017. That was hard, particularly due to the length of my desk, so I had to get creative with my boosting technique, as explained in a separate post. The precision was the ultimate bitch though, particularly in the rolling over department :ninja:. Honestly this stunt was as weird as it gets; I didn't know if people would love or hate it :D. Ultimately I knew it would surprise people, and create a strange reaction within those who watched it, and this late in the game, that's all I wish for :happy:. SS/5
4:32-4:35 Legend: Decent stunt, good choice of vehicle; no complaints! 3/5
4:46-4:37 Rusch69: This was probably difficult, but I'm not a fan of this style of dropbumping; not unless the landing area is huge and/or precise. BlackTear modded this without the curb bump, so it was cool to see it done legitimately! 3.5/5
4:40-4:48 PrzemOO: Smooth and special, I like this! 3.5/5
4:49-4:55 Jeff: Superb to see this done to the top, good job! Extra points for the FCR too :mellow:. 4/5
4:56-5:00 Balsam: Nice spot, but given SteveX's natural landing in Megaton, it feels slightly underwhelming. 3/5
5:01-5:07 bart: Can you tell me where Berto's beach house is? As smart as ever, special stunt! 4/5
5:08-5:17 burn: Underwhelming in my opinion, but I appreciate the freeway stoppie :cc_detective:. 2.5/5
5:19-5:25 Kai: Always interesting to see a BSM stunt, and this was a nice spot! 3.5/5
5:26-5:31 Artifex: I love Sandking stunts, and this is one of the best; PZM showed me this spot, and I know it's tricky to stay on! 4/5
5:32-5:38 Seaver: Stylish but ultimately unimpressive. 2/5
5:39-5:45 Artifex: I like combo bumps, but this was a little safe. 3/5
5:46-5:59 Ktulu: I loved your Ultima finisher, so it was fun to see an alternative version; the Ultima version is better, but this is still dope. 4/5
6:00-6:07 JustCause: Not bad, well executed! 3/5
6:08-6:27 VaNilla: I wanted to land this for ages, and it was super hard! The bump constantly makes you bail, even when you discover the zone of the bump. When you do bump, the first grind is easy, but it's extremely tricky to take it to the exact location of the second grind. That's not to mention that when you finally manage to hit the second grind, you often bail or bounce off the grind; I actually landed this with a stuck grind at first :angry:. I loved this spot though, so I had to do it, and it was worth it :D. I spent about 3-4 days trying this after I landed the cabbie stunt, and managed to sneak both into the video during the final touches :happy:. I wanted to land the sign precision as well, so I practiced it multiple times in isolation, but unfortunately I didn't manage to do it :cheersad:. I was just happy to do it at all, but the krail was a must; anyway, I'm glad everyone liked it :mellow:. SS/5


6:30-6:41 Reynolds: Not bad! This should have been in the main part instead of your PSM, even though you didn't manage to land the final grind. 3/5
6:42-7:05 Kai: I'm a fan of the Bandito choice, looks smooth! The spot is okay but nothing special. 2.5/5
7:06-7:14 Artifex: Didn't like this, sorry. 2/5
7:15-7:32 JustCause: Funny stunt, nice variation on that spot! 3/5
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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Vanilla's stunts were...Damn! :O


Re: Solid Ground 3
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Awesome ground 3.

I rarely watch SA videos, but felt like watching this one. That was some sick stenting, except maybe 2 mehish. Vanilla's taxistunt and burn's p2b to bridge were my favourites.

Editing and music wasnt my taste, except the purple colors were orginal for me.

Neat video.

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Artifex do you plan on fixing the sync in the first part? :ninja:

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Artifex do you plan on fixing the sync in the first part? :ninja:

I don't see any problems on the first part, the second part was rushed a bit so some stuff is unsynched. What parts are unsynched for you?

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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I mean it could still be my laptop but I checked both the file version and the youtube version.

So for instance, the transition between cam angles on your monster stunt (0:16), change from Balsam's to ARS's stunt (0:28), camera change (0:32), stunt change (1:44). Last one is most obvious to me. For me the effect is always after music cue. It could also be that you synced it to a different sound that I'd have had and that's why it seems off to me. Also watching it now it seems like some effects are in sync some are not. So again either it's just me or you moved the song layer during the editing. Could use someone else's opinion because I'm getting paranoid here. :lol:

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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2:55-3:02 Milbridge: This is not so good. You're still cool though :wub:. 2/5
LMAO i love you paul

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Great job gentlemen! :euro:

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Re: Solid Ground 3
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Artifex, You choosed my fav. song from RTJ3 and You edited it perfectly, second main was good also! :)
So sad that I didn't land anything for this collab. Burn's and Vanilla's stunts stood out.