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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
« Reply #60 on: August 25, 2017, 12:49:01 PM »
This video is fucking genius in every aspect, watched few times (once on 4k Sharp aquos). Great visuals Andre, everybody knows who is the boss in this business. I respect how much time you spent making this video.
Fav stunts:
Code: [Select]
1. 5:23 - Bart "KING". ;)
2. 5:06 - Finally sum1 landed this fucking shit xd
3. 4:12 - Propably the best hydra stunt ever :D
4. 2:52 - Creative Przemek pedal matke sprzedal elo
5. 0:13 - Tricky one, nice to see Burn's style again.

sheikah like year ago, stunt of the year ofc  :ajaja:

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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
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porn  :lol:

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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
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ANOMALY review by: <your name>


00:12 (Burn): Really cool stunt, I wish the first part was more of a grind though, it feels more like a side-bump. I like the idea anyway, can't recall a double-grind with a corkscrew inbetween.
00:23 (PrzemOO):
00:39 (fckR): It's an alright stunt, not the type of combo I like the most but it's not bad either.
00:55 (Reynolds): Gotta say I hoped you'd land a replacement stunt for that. :P Not a fan of PSMs and you should have landed the top. At least you didn't use three cars on that which is a plus.
01:02 (Sheikah16): I was expecting a new location for this stunt. :(
01:06 (PrzemOO):
01:16 (Nikedj): Good stunt, if I tried to find a way to land that chimney I would probably not find this spot. I like it.
01:22 (toty): Too bad you did not manage to land your better spots, doesn't seem hard and the watergap is a bit forced as you can just drive across on the left.
01:28 (Kai): One of a kind stunt, good use of the glitched train.
01:34 (Artifex): I liked your other leaps more, the fact you're dropping from the bridge to land the lower part of the very same bridge is a bit silly.  :unsure:
01:46 (Gryzlek): Cool packerbump, I like to see this roof being landed.
01:53 (Mewka): Alright one, I like the clean landing on the precision.
02:00 (PrzemOO):
02:06 (Rusch69): Good job on this, about time. The execution could have been better but it'd keep it this way as well if it was me who landed it.
02:14 (PrzemOO):
02:26 (Kai): Is it the first time someone bumps a train in a stunt? Also, are the bumps better on this specific mission train instead of a regular one? Good distance, alright stunt.
02:33 (VaNilla): Good job landing it but I don't like the runup extension used. You drop down 200ft to land a 70ft tower.  :ffvsielj3: Also gotta say these stunts are a bit boring to watch, they are almost identical in all cases.
02:38 (MtS): I like this, very clever spot.
02:45 (Kai): Coolio, I guess most of BSM spots have been landed by now so good job finding a new one.
02:51 (PrzemOO):
03:00 (PrzemOO):
03:07 (VaNilla): Refer to 03:39
03:14 (Burn): Cool fluke. :P
03:24 (JustCaus3): Nice natbump, though as someone mentioned Juan's precision is better.  :cc_detective:
03:29 (Bart): Seems easy, wasn't a fan of this spot but I like your execution.  :jajaja:
03:39 (VaNilla): Feels too slow and too long, not my favorite plane stunt.
03:54 (jeff): Great stunt, many people have tried and failed.  :a-cheer:
04:04 (Artifex): I like this natbump, also good execution.
04:10 (Viper): Much better than the other plane stunt in this, I like it a lot.
04:16 (Gryzlek): I don't like this too much.  :hmm:
04:22 (Kai): Persistence. Happy to see you've done it.  :a-cheer:
04:28 (Rusch69): I like this stunt a lot, but I think it looks much better on a clean clip. Somehow the jiggling of the screen makes it less impressive and more random to me, I dunno.  :lol:
04:36 (Kai left): Nice method, better than the right one.
04:36 (Kai right): Nice method, worse than the left one.
04:42 (VaNilla): Good effort, glad to see it done.
04:48 (Bart): Sick stunt, I love everything about it.
04:55 (Kai): What a farmer, incredible.
05:05 (Gryzlek): About time, I would have gone with the lower part landing as well if I managed to stay on.  :happy:
05:12 (Ktulu): PSM  :neen: landing  :ajaja:
05:17 (Bart): What a pwner to finish. I am in shock.  :cheernutz:


<yadda yadda about editing>


<yadda yadda about music>



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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
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Mamka Gaming - ANOMALY review by: Kai


00:12 (Burn): Great opener. I really liked the cork between the first and second grind a lot.
00:23 (PrzemOO): I liked it for the mere fact that there was a grab involved. Nice use of the vortex.
00:39 (fckR): Neat little combo but I would prefered it if the grind was a bit longer. Nothing you can do about it though.
00:55 (Reynolds): Yeah as other people mentioned, landing the top would've been way cooler but I tried the stunt myself and you have really limited runup before the packer despawns.
01:02 (Sheikah16): Oh god I love memes.
01:06 (PrzemOO): Great tripple grind. Definitely not something you see everyday. I also really enjoyed the little wrap around you did to get on the last grind.
01:16 (Nikedj): Best landing in that area. Good job Manu!
01:22 (toty): Egh, not the best stunt imo. It was one of those watergaps that could've easily been avoided by just going further on the left and crossing the gap manually.
01:28 (Kai):
01:34 (Artifex): Leap master. Nice usage of an area that doesn't have too much to offer.
01:46 (Gryzlek): I think this is the first time this has been landed in a NRG no? Either way it was a great stunt.
01:53 (Mewka): Very good job on landing it so clean.
02:00 (PrzemOO): Seemed a bit too random for my taste.
02:06 (Rusch69): Great prec although the execution was a bit messy.
02:14 (PrzemOO): That stunt was as Tony Hawk as it gets. Really cool.
02:26 (Kai):
02:33 (VaNilla): That looked tricky. Nice one.
02:38 (MtS): Palm landings aren't my kind of thing but at least you made it into the video.
02:45 (Kai):
02:51 (PrzemOO): When I first saw it I thought you were kidding me. Really innovative!
03:00 (PrzemOO): Good way to land the top of the PD.
03:07 (VaNilla): Refer to 03:39
03:14 (Burn): Looked a bit filler to me.
03:24 (JustCaus3): Good to see you in a video as well. Cute little landing.
03:29 (Bart): Unnecessary runup extension that made it look cooler though.
03:39 (VaNilla): Hydra stunts simply aren't something that I enjoy. Good job regardless.
03:54 (jeff): I feel like people don't highlight this stunt enough. It's really good and super hard.
04:04 (Artifex): Palm landing again. Good distance though.
04:10 (Viper): That looked really cool despite being a hydra stunt.
04:16 (Gryzlek): Good usage of terrain and secondary vehicle. I don't know enough about Infernus stunts to judge if it's possible to top or not but really good regardless.
04:22 (Kai):
04:28 (Rusch69): Smoothest Cabbie stunt by far in this video. Everything was so clean about it.
04:36 (Kai left):
04:36 (Kai right):
04:42 (VaNilla): Freaking good job landing that. I was close once but I could never do it afterwards. First legit landing on this building with a NRG.
04:48 (Bart): Very huge one. Maybe you could've drop bumped the edge of the casino and landed the 3ft higher part but whatever.
04:55 (Kai):
05:05 (Gryzlek): Very small landing there.
05:12 (Ktulu): I am glad this was landed but at the same time disappointed that you had to resort to probably the worst method (in my opinion) to land it.
05:17 (Bart): Very well deserved finisher. I feel like you pushed yourself really hard for this video and I can appreciate that.


Very fitting editing. I'll just leave it at that.


Could've been better but I have a weird taste in music anyway.


10/10 I am glad I could be in this video and not be deadweight.

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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
« Reply #64 on: August 29, 2017, 01:59:15 PM »
I've been rewatching some SSU vids and it got me thinking. Are you planning on doing a best of Rusch? It would be a 20min vid of madness.

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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
« Reply #65 on: August 30, 2017, 12:48:46 AM »
Yup, Rusch Hour 4, but I'm targeting 60 minutes. :cheersad:
So nope fckR, this ain't my last project yet.

And yes, my Cabbie boost lost some of it's impact. I had to speed up the flipping & landing part of it due to lack of space. The glitchy jiggling contributes to that as well.

@XTO: Mamka Gaming is a multi gaming team, we don't play GTA only. But yea, in terms of stunting, just look at it as a crew. :P

@Arnax: The stunters weren't aware of the video's dedication. It's my hommage ;)

Thanks for the comments & reviews, kepp 'em coming!
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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
« Reply #66 on: September 08, 2017, 03:33:31 PM »
Posting because PrzemOO made me aware of this.

As for stunts, I liked PrzemOO's MTB flip @2:14 for the creativity and Kai's tractor boost @4:55 because it's just fucking awesome.

The editing felt like I was on some kind of research chemical, not really to my liking. But it kinda fits the video name.

Can't be arsed to fill out a review for each stunt, hope that's okay and I don't hurt anyone's feelings.

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Re: Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
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Front to start what a trully nice video, I gotta say the editing surprised me and not in a good way seeing these spark light up under the nrg remind me of my daily strugle on my island(severe ptsd) trying to find water while these stunter feels too extravagant and start stunting with le vortex hahA.
Everyday trying to find warm in the wild what they call gaschamber over there ?? nonsense.
Stunting was actually pretty pwn reaching top & low as fly as your vortex can go(<3)