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xxSan Andreas Collab

March 12, 2016, 07:32:34 am by Simon
Views: 934 | Comments: 0

There's a new San Andreas Collaboration being organized, check it out: Link

xxExsequor - VC/LC/SAiVC Community Video 2015

February 27, 2016, 08:10:22 am by Simon
Views: 1214 | Comments: 0

The new Vice City Community video was just released! Go over and give it a watch, it's well worth it.

Link Forum Awards - Results

February 19, 2016, 10:23:31 am by Xtramus
Views: 2593 | Comments: 47 Forum Awards - Results

Before you scroll down to see those winners, I would like to thank everyone for voting and nominating. Sadly, there were not that many nominations and votes this year :( Likewise, a couple of categories have only few videos which were nominated and voted for, so hopefully we can make 2016 a more successful year in that regard.
Aside from everyone who voted, I also want to thank Blaze for whipping up some great banners for the winners! Sorry I bothered you with so many changes, luckily you were willing to see past my chaotic nature and managed to create these cool awards   :cheernutz:

I've listed the top 3 videos in each category, and if the votes were split I included all those with equal votes. If some are missing where there were more videos nominated, that means that they didn't get votes :(

And on a final note, I want to congratulate everyone involved, particularly those who snatched up the awards! However, I think not just the winners deserve to be congratulated - everyone who was nominated managed to put out something that caught other people's attention in a positive way, and as such I hope this encourages everyone to keep mashing buttons and landing those stunts  ;D

Best Solo Video of the Year (VC/LC/SAiVC)

fcKr - DECERTO - 14
Rainbow - From Dirt Grows The Flowers - 5
Sorcery - Say No More - 1
Wvi miS - Uoosilver[IV] - 1

Best Solo Video of the Year (SA/United/AC)

[Bart] - Best of [Bart] - 8
Art - ars bene moriendi - 4
Artifex - In Colour - 3

Best Solo Video of the Year (GTA V)

MadMax - Superstar - 7
BIGpoppaKEGdog - BIGpoppaKEGdog's best of 2015 - 4
Marston - Cattleman - 3

Best Collaboration Video of the Year (VC/LC/SAiVC)

C'est La Vie - 8
Frostbite II - 8
Sattva - 2
Mesmerized - 1
You are watching TV - 1

Best Collaboration Video of the Year (SA/United/AC)

Clemency - 6
Ambient Space - 4
[color=br... Forum Awards - Votes

February 01, 2016, 11:45:00 am by Xtramus
Views: 2287 | Comments: 24

GTAS Forum Awards Votes

 - Members who joined after December 31st, 2015, won't have their nominations nor votes counted as valid.
 - Can someone inform me who did the scripting for Aero Reapers - Silence?
 - If you happen to spot an error in any of the categories (e.g. wrong editor for certain video), please say so! I did my best to get everything right but I might have made an error here and there.


 - "Best Community Project" will be awarded, but only one eligible option was nominated, and therefore no voting will be done for that category.

Why do the number of alternatives differ between certain categories?
The alternatives listed here are based on the number of nominations received in each category. In principle, each category contains up to 5 different alternatives. However, in some cases, several alternatives (e.g., alternative 4 to 7) had an equal amount of nominations. If so, these are included up to a maximum of 10 alternatives per category. If more nominations had equal amounts of votes, then these were all excluded (e.g. alternative 4 to 11). That's why some categories have less alternatives, despite being quite popular categories. Others just have less options, or less nominations (sadly).

Read these instructions carefully before voting.
 - You can only vote for one option per category. If you write in more, only the first one will be valid and the rest discarded.
 - If you don't want to vote in a category then leave it blank.
 - Please send your votes as text in a PM - not as a download link to a text file (this happened for a couple of the nominations and was quite annoying really :P)
 - You are allowed to vote for yourself and/or your videos, but I encourage you to be truthful instead of tactical.
 - All the votes must be sent by PM to the "FA2016" account, use "Votes by <your nickname>" as subject. DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME. Why FA2016 and not FA2015? Because Im an idiot.
 - You may only send your votes once.
 - You have until Monday 15th February 2016, 12:00 GMT+1 to send your nominations.
 - Once the deadline expires no other votes will be counted as valid.

Click here for a text file that you can use to send in your votes.
Check the remaining time here[/c...

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