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xxBanner Poll, Aero Reapers & GTA V Basics

May 08, 2015, 01:29:57 am by Simon
Views: 3224 | Comments: 32

I'm happy to announce that Aero Reapers have joined the Network Crews with their own brand spanking new section! Well deserved guys, and use it well  :cc_detective:

In other news, if you are at all interested in starting to stunt in GTA V, Pendji took the time and wrote up a good starter guide with dos' and don'ts and other useful information. You can find the topic here: Link

Some info about the poll:
It'll run for 7 days.
You are allowed to change your vote.
You won't be able to see the result until after the 7 days.
Rusch's 'submission' was disqualified for Copyrighted Material.

xxBanner Competition & Collabs

April 29, 2015, 03:21:58 am by Simon
Views: 4054 | Comments: 23

Before we I get going about the competition I was told to mention that there are two collabs being organized in Gta V right now that would love more participants. So if you're keen to show off your V skills on PC, make sure to send your stunts to either of them. Clicking on the names will bring you to the topics for any information you might need!

Kaleidoscope 2

Now... competition time!
I think most will agree that we've been in a dire need of a new banner for quite some time now. And I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys try and make your own. Especially since people have a different idea of what the banner should hold, which I think could bring forth loads of different ideas. The competition will run for 1 week. All entries should be posted as a response to this topic, and when the time is up I will put up a poll where you can vote for your favorite. The poll will also run for a week until the winner is picked. Now some ground rules.

1. Keep it in the same dimensions as the current one, which is 1000 x 150.
2. No copyrighted material (Pictures/Fonts).
3. Must have the text "" clearly visible on it.
4. Must have something from both generations. (VC/SA & IV/V)
5. Each person is limited to 2 entries, but you're allowed to update your entries during the time given.

Now fly my pretties  :happy:

xxWelcome Evolve to the network + Some 'big' changes

April 26, 2015, 06:14:28 am by Simon
Views: 4811 | Comments: 34

I'd just like to take the time to welcome Evolve to the crew network, it's well deserved! :a-cheer:

As some of you might have noticed the layout of the forum has changed quite a bit. The main purpose for the change is to make the forum more accessible to new users and a lot more organized over all. In case some of the older members are lost I'll do my best to list all the changes down below.

- Moved 'GTA Series' board further up as it's one of the most active parts of the forum. Along with that also moving the games according to activity/popularity
- Moved the 'GTAStunting leagues' and 'Tech Misc talk' to the bottom of the page as they are either very little used or not as relevant to GTAStunting.
- The 'Sports' and 'GTASRadio' sections are removed because of little use.
- The Anime section is now a child board of the Movies/TV section.
- The 'Stunt video Database' was moved from general to the bottom of 'GTASeries' to hinder confusion of it's purpose.
- Removed Versa Alliance from the crew network, videos will  be moved to V section and the crew will not get a place in the Hall of fame due to short life-span
- Moved the 'Expression section' to 'General Discussion' as a child board.
- Moved 'Gta Modding' under the 'GTA Series section'
- Moved the 'Video Editing' and 'Computer talk' to  'General Discussion' as child boards.
- Removed the 'web ring' and 'The Marketpalce' sections

xxNU - Vinyl, Evolve - Reloaded

April 12, 2015, 12:16:20 am by Simon
Views: 5821 | Comments: 0

GTA V PC release is almost upon us, and to mark that special occasion the V Scene has seen a lot of activity. Here's two videos you absolutely shouldn't miss out on :D
(The titles link to the GTAS topics)

Nomad Union - Vinyl

GTA 5 Stunt Montage - VINYL (Nomad Union)

Evolve - Reloaded

Evolve Stunting Teamtage: Reloaded - A GTA V Stunt Montage

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